Text Box: We have various types of Home Appliances ,Beauty  Appliances and Travelling Goods in 1st Floor like watches , Rice Cooker, Hot Pot, water Purifier, Electric Water Heater, Electric Coffee Maker, Mixer ,IH Heater, Toaster Owen, Instant Water Heater, Vacuum Bottles ,Lunch Box, Electric Toilet Seat, Air Purifier, Robot Vacuum  Cleaner, Hair Dryer, Hair Curler, Hair Straighteners, Beauty Bars, Face Massagers, Men Shavers ,Trimmers, Blood Pressure Machines, Irons ,Nail Cutters, Radios, Voice Recorders, DVD Player. Travelling Goods like Traveler    Multi Cooker , Mini Iron, Hot Pot, and more.
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Text Box: Home Appliances     AC220V/AC230V

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Travelling Goods      Ac110V~Ac240VHome Appliances,Beauty Appliances,Travelling Goods and more.
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