Takarada Tax Free ShopB1 Floor  Wide  Space For Japanese souvenirs@Text Box: We have varieties of souvenirs in B1 Floor like  
                             Kimonos,Yukatas ,Jinbes,T.shirts, Key Chains, Magnets ,Caps ,Japanese fans ,Katanas, Japanese dolls, Ninja dolls , Samurai Dolls, Cup with different images, Shot glasses, different kinds of Engraved items ,Wall Hangings ,Ninja Dress ,Japanese coin Purse , Robin Ruth Ladies Bags, Boston Bags, Backpacks ,Suitcases and much more. We promise you will enjoy your visit .
Japanese DollsText Box: Text Box: Engraved gift items        Text Box: @@
Text Box: Other SouvenirsKimonos,yukatas,Jimbes,T.shirts.’€‹ΰ

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